EffectivePro is monitoring software that helps businesses to reduce legal liabilities such as sexual harassment and illegal online activities in the workplace. EffectivePro also prevents excessive personal web surfing on company time, overspending on software licenses that are not used, and theft of computer hardware and company proprietary information. For more information, visit EffectivePro.

Partner Guard

Partner Guard protects loved ones from the dangerous temptations of the Internet. Online addictions like gambling and pornography can be prevented. Relationships can be protected from online affairs. Partner Guard removes the temptation by removing the secrecy. For more information visit Partner Guard.


CompuGuardian protects students and schools from the dangers and liabilities of online school computers. Internet hazards threaten the well being of student body, staff and administrators. CompuGuardian lets you know exactly what is going on in real-time on any school computer or laptop inside or outside the school firewall. It also lets you remotely control [...]

Computer Parenting

Computer Parenting protects children from Internet dangers. Parents can remotely view and control computer activity from any Internet connection. Web sites and programs can be blocked.  Protect your children from predators, drug dealers, crime and pornography with Computer Parenting parental control software. For more information visit Computer Parenting.

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