Why aren’t the logs and screenshots getting updated?
If the logs or other monitoring features like screenshots are not getting updated, they may not be enabled in the settings. Go to the settings page for that computer and make sure the switches are set to “On”. Note that if “Only monitor from…” is enabled and the current time is not in between the start and end times, monitoring will not work.

installation options

If the settings are ok, then try the items in the following list to trouble connection problems between the computer and the server:
1- Make sure “Stealth mode” is disabled on the settings page for the computer. Check if the software icon is in the system tray (by the volume icon), if not, reboot. If still not, reinstall program.
2- Check for firewall programs blocking internet access to the software. When you install the software, the firewall program will indicate that a program is trying to access the Internet. You need to configure the firewall program to allow access to the Internet for this program. You may need to reinstall the software if you told the firewall program to block internet access when the program started.
3- Makes sure the date and time on the computer are correct.
4- Log into the member site on the computer being monitored to make sure the server address is not being blocked by a filter.
5- Uninstall the software and reinstall it (if you did not do this already in step 1).
If the following steps do not resolve the issue, contact us for more help.

What if one of my other programs stops working correctly after I install your software?
There are compatibility issues in rare cases, but most of the time it is not related to our software. If you suspect a problem, uninstall our software and make sure that the affected program works correctly. If it is still having problems, it is not related to our software. If it works correctly, reinstall our software and verify that the problem returns. If it does, please contact us for more help.

What if my antivirus or firewall program complains about your software?
Some antivirus programs have “heuristic detection” features that try to detect viruses before they are known and part of the standard virus scan. Unfortunately, this feature can generate false positives and think that software is a virus when it is not. Since our software monitors computer activity, heuristic detection sometimes flags that as a potential spyware threat. If your antivirus complains about our software, you can disable this heuristic detection feature to avoid future complaints or add our software to a list of trusted programs in the antivirus program.

Some antivirus and firewall programs alert you whenever any program starts or accesses the Internet. Most of the time, the antivirus or firewall program can learn which programs are not a security risk over time. You may need to respond to a few prompts after our software is first installed to help the antivirus or firewall program recognize our software. If you continue to struggle with a security program that is not compatible with our software, contact us for more options.

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