How do I install the software?
Your registration code and a link to the latest software is available on the Software page of the member site along with your registration code. The software can be downloaded directly to the computer to be monitored, or it can be downloaded to a USB flash drive, which can be used to install the software on the computer to be monitored.

What devices will the software work on?
The software can be used to monitor Windows computers and tablets. There is currently no support for monitoring Android, iPhones, Macs or other devices, but this may be available in the future. Since the software is web-based, the Windows computer or tablet can be monitored and controlled remotely from any Internet connection, including smart phones and other devices with browsers.

What if I have a problem during installation?
If you have a problem during installation, you can try the following:
1- Make sure you are logged in with administrator rights on the computer.
2- Temporarily disable all other security programs (antivirus, firewall, etc.) during installation.
3- Make sure the computer or tablet is online and that you can access without any issues.
4- Make sure the operating system on your computer is Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or later.
5- Reboot after installation
Contact us if this list does not resolve your problem.

What do the installation options mean during install?
installation options
Network monitoring is a feature that keeps track of network traffic on the monitored computer. It is needed to block website by address, to set time limits when the Internet is available, to include website address in the logs, and other network related features. In rare cases, the network monitoring may interfere with other programs that use the Internet, so installing this is optional. Even without this feature websites can still be monitored and blocked by website title.

“Real-time” screen viewing is a new feature in version 3.2 that offers automatic screenshots for every 30 seconds of activity in addition to the standard “periodic” automatic screenshot every 15 minutes. To reduce Internet bandwidth usage and server storage, the “real-time” screenshots are stored and served from the computer being monitored instead of the secure server.

This is not a problem when the computer is being monitored on a home or private network. But, if the computer is on a public Wi-Fi network, it could be possible for others to see the screenshots. Also, organizations may have security policies that restrict the use of web servers from their computers. Due to these potential issues, installing this feature is optional. Note that “periodic” screenshots are secure and can also be generated on-demand in addition to automatically.

Network monitoring, as well as “real-time” and “periodic” screenshot features, can be disabled from the Settings page after install.

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