Enterprise Features

Can other logins be created to help manage the same member account?
Yes. The enterprise version allows for the creation of subuser logins. There are tools for assigning computers to subusers and permissions that can be set for each subuser. Some of the schools we work with even create subuser logins for parents to help monitor their own children.

Can your software manage hundreds, or even thousands of computers with the same member account?
Yes. There are tools to organize computers into groups and subgroups so that they can be easily managed. Reporting tools automatically scan activity logs to identify problems to make the monitoring workload more manageable.

What deployment strategies does your software support?
An msi package can be provided to support Active Directory deployment. There are also enterprise tools for batch computer registration if your organization images or ghosts their computers from a standard computer configuration.

Does your software require a local server?
No. We provide the secure server resources. All you have to do is deploy the software to the computers to be monitored and you are ready to go.

Does your software support monitoring thin client computers?
The software is designed to monitor individual computers. Since thin clients run off of a central server, our software is not a good fit for this configuration.

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