Safe Outlook was founded in 2007 with the goal of keeping children safe online using cutting edge, online monitoring and control technology. By 2010 this goal expanded to protecting students, organizations, businesses and adults from online risks. Similar to fighting fire with fire, Safe Outlook technology harnesses the power of the Internet to protect from the dangers of the Internet.

Safe Outlooks helps to keep your digital world safe with the latest in online computer technology. It quickly lets you know what is happening on your computers and allows you to remotely control them from any Internet connection. Patent pending tamperproof technology withstands the toughest users. This software is packaged for different types of customers.

EffectivePro helps business track their computer and software assets. It protects confidential company information. It finds problem employees that are a risk to the company. Underused computers or software licenses can be identified and reallocated for better use saving companies money.

CompuGuardian is used by schools, libraries and organizations to make sure their computer resources are not used for illegal, dangerous, costly or non-productive activities. Reports quickly identify students that may be viewing pornography, planning an attack, purchasing drugs or wasting bandwidth.

Computer Parenting is the action hero of parental control software packages. The software gives parents x-ray vision into what their children are doing on the computer even when parents are not home. Any Internet connection can be used to view screenshots, keystrokes and computer usage. Remote controls allow parents to remotely send messages, close windows, lock the computer or even shut it down. Text messages can be received when rules are broken. Patent pending Teenagerproof® technology prevents young computer geniuses from disabling it.

Partner Guard is for couples and persons suffering from online addiction. It eliminates online temptations by eliminating the secrecy. Trusted partners work together with the software to overcome pornography, gambling, gaming and shopping addictions. Relationships are protected from cybersex cheating. Internet friendships are preventing from turning into affairs.

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